Player Information

To get more details about a player, your own or not, you can always just click on his name. This will open up the Player Information pop-up with detailed stats, history, awards and information about the player.

With each attribute, you can see a "diff-value", which tells you how he has developed this season. For instance, he may have increased his shooting by 2 points, and his passing by 1 point.

On the top right of this window, a number of actions may be available based on whether the player is yours or not.

If he is not yours, and he is for sale, you can place a bid on him here.

If he is yours, you can rename him, upload a portrait, set the minimum bid you feel is right for the player, put him onto the transfer-list, or even sack him if you wish. If you wish to rename your player or give him a portrait beware as it will cost credits to do either action, you can see the cost by hovering your mouse pointer over either button. You can no longer rename more then one player to the same name as another player on your team, so no more teams of 10 Rooneys or Ronaldos.

Buying more than 4 new players will reduce your team-stats to reflect a change in the team. This has been introduced to emulate the fact that too many new players that are not used to train with your team can affect the way it works as a whole. The actual drop is up to -3 stat-point per each player purchased more than 4.

Scout, if is used, will show a number of stars that will reflect that player growing potential. These stars are not a guarantee that the player will actually become a superstar, but if he is more than 4 stars scouted, his chances to become one are high.

Do NOT spend money on scout if you didn't fully understand how it works and what is his meaning!

Do NOT hire anything else than excellent scout in staff page, once you decided you need one! If a player have already played at least 6 matches In Current Season and you have an excellent hired scout, there is NO need to use him more than once for that player. There is no way you can get a more accurate evaluation. If the player have only 5 matches played, the scout can have an error of +/- half a star. At 4 matches, the error grows to +/- one star. And so on, at only 1 match played in current season, the scout can have an error of +/- 2.5 stars and if the player didn't played at all on the field, the scout error can be as high as 3 full stars. That means that NOT the stars themselves are going up or down as the player gets more matches played, but the scout evaluation gets more and more precise. That's because the stars of a player are never actually going up or down, but instead the player ability to gain attributes are going down as the player gets older and older.

Remember that a 5 stars player will not grow to his potential unless he will play in as many of the 200 friendlies possible and/or official matches plus camps whenever possible. A player will grow faster during a match than during regular training.

Submitted by Spinner on 2008, February 13 - 11:28pm.