Offers for players under Q70

Because there was a large number of attempted cheating on transfer marker with ridiculous prices, for example  selling a Q63 28 year old for 30 millions, and since this is causing a lot of extra work for us to deal with the number of teams that need to be closed, it was decided to make a change.

First of all, this only affects bids on players with a quality lower than 70.

Was implemented a bid-limit on these players, and the bid-limit is the players value.

So, if you have a Q69-player that is valued at 13,5 millions, that is the maximum amount that may be offered for him.
And if you wish to sell a Q65 superstar, you can no longer hope to get 20 millions for him.

Submitted by jijikent on 2011, April 16 - 8:04pm.