Understanding seasons

In ManagerLeague, we play a full season in 28 days, just short of a month.

The schedule is hectic, but will vary a bit depending on which division you are currently in, and which cups you are qualified for.

Each season is divided into 37 league-rounds, which can be thought of as "weeks" if you wish. Each round of the first 30, contains 1 league game and 1 training-session (including both collective and individual training).

From inside the game, on the General-page, there is always a small note book with a link to the COMPLETE schedule, in a nice printable format.

In rounds 1-30, ManagerLeague goes through the normal league-rounds with 1 league-fixture and 1 regular training per league round.
In rounds 31, 32 and 33, there are playoff matches to determine promotions and relegations.
In round 34, its time for the finals of the League Cup.
In round 35, its time for the finals of the Department Cups.
Round 36 contains a training-camp and you can play friendlies and finish up pending transfers.
Round 37 contains only normal training, before the season is ended.

In round 37, ManagerLeague goes from one season to the next.
During this entire process, the game is inaccessible for all players. Please read the section called "Going from one season to the next" for more details.

Submitted by Spinner on 2008, February 14 - 11:37am.