Understanding time

In ManagerLeague, all dates and times are according to the timezone called CEST. This reflects where our servers are located and where ManagerLeague has it's "home".

Depending your location you may be ahead or behind the official ML time, read more details about CEST here.

The usual schedule during normal rounds looks like this:
Weekdays (Monday to Friday):
- Training 09:00
- League Match 15:00
- Training 21:00
- League Match 03:00

In the rounds where it applies:
- 22:30: The League Cup (top 4 divisions only, keep in mind the teams from division 3 enter at a later stage than the teams from division 4)
- 11:30: The Department Cup

- 12:00 and 12:30: Champions League and Super Cup (for qualified teams from Div1)

Training Camps (in rounds 1,10,20,30 and 36) take place take place on Sunday evening, at 18:00 server-time. Please note, the training-camp in Round 36, is held on a Wednesday evening, 18:00 but this is usually delayed until 22:00 (after training at 21:00) if there are special end season cups in that day.

Custom Cups are played during weekends, with the fixture-draw at 12.00 and the matches every 30 minutes from (and including) 12.30. Lately, you can also schedule custom cups at 00:00 in the week-ends, with 1st match at 00:30. This was done to help managers from all around the world to choose a suitable time for their cups.

End of Season special cups begin in Round 36 at 14:45 with 1st match at 15:00 and then every 30 minutes after this.


Submitted by Spinner on 2008, February 14 - 12:49pm.