Going from one season to the next

Every 28th day, ManagerLeague goes through what we call "The seasonchange". This occurs every 4rth Thursday (unless otherwise announced) and involves a number of steps.

When the Training at 09:00 in round 37 has been completed, the game is taken off-line. A message is posted on our frontpage that we are switching from one season to the next.

The whole switch will take from 4-10 hours depending on the complexity of any new features, addons or changes to the game. (We have a strong track-record of always improving ManagerLeague from season to season!)

The process involves a number of steps:

  • Teams are promoted while others are relegated
  • Players age (Conveniently, all players have their birthday during their summer holliday!)
  • Players may retire if they feel too old to go on
  • A new youth-player is promoted to your team
  • Bankrupt teams are turned back into "bot-teams" so they are no longer played by a human being
  • Taxes are calculated and paid by every team
  • Team-history and player-history are updated
  • All team-stats (like Attacking, Defending, Teamplay, Corners etc) are reduced  by 2% rounded up (so effective loss is 1-2 points in each stat)
  • The team-stat morale is reset to 50
  • Each player-attribute is reduced by 1-2 points
  • Old players may suffer additional losses in speed (and 2 hidden attributes!)
  • Player fitness is increased by 15 points (to a max of 100)
  • Values and Wages are recalculated
  • New fixtures are being created for the league, The League Cup and The Department Cup.
  • The servers are updated with new upgrades, add-ons, features and changes

In addition to these steps, a number of system-tasks is performed, like extra backups, database-cleaning and log-rotation.

When all of the above tasks have been completed, the game is back online, and people can prepare for the custom cups the coming weekend, the training-camp on the coming Sunday, the training at Monday 09:00 or their first league-game Monday 15:00.

Notice there is a day off during Friday right after season change. This day is there to prevent any situation that delayed the process described above, or for those times when servers are completely changed with better ones.

Submitted by Spinner on 2008, February 14 - 1:04pm.