Rules and cheating

As you might be aware a team of admins is monitoring this game to stop cheating and bug abuse in Managerleague.
Over the last couple of weeks i have noticed that some people didn't read the "Rules and Code of conduct" section of this game
As a result some people have run into us for having 2 teams and sharing players between them, without knowing its not allowed

To make sure everybody is aware of the rules, i am gonna go through them with you in this section of the manual.

1: This document defines the relation between the end-user, User, and the content provider Fifth Season AS (FS), for the service named ManagerLeague (ML).

2: FS owns all data stored on their server(s) and may, at any time, change or delete any such data.

-These parts are legal notices to make sure we can run the game and make needed changes, it doesn't reflect on in-game rules.
It does however give us the right to delete a account that has been breaking the game rules

3: User is responsible for any and all actions committed through Users' account, and may not use provoking language, provoking names or bother other players through means of messages or forums or other forms of communication. Any kind of spam and repeated messaging is a violation of this agreement. What is considered foul or provoking is at the sole discretion of FS, FS' staff, or the volunteers selected to handle such work. In certain parts of ManagerLeague or other affiliated websites under the ML-website, User may upload pictures or other content. If any content is uploaded that FS deems unsuitable for any other user, the responsible account will be closed and deleted immediately.

-This part tells you that you and only you are responsible for any message of action from your account.
this list of things that are not allowed to do is very clear, but a good rule of thumb is
" Whatever would be offensive, gets you in a fight or gets you arrested in real life is also not allowed in this virtual one"
it also tells you that ML crew and the admins that work for ML judge what content is not allowed.
IF you upload unsuited content, the results could range up to closure of your account (depending on what it is)

4: User may not create or access more than 1 account, whatever the reason. Should the User obtain account-information about any other account, User must report this to FS as soon as possible.

-This part limits you to one account and most of you are aware of it, but what most don't know is that you are also not allowed to babysit a account, by babysitting we mean having acces to someone else there account and playing it untill they return.
Both actions will result in closure!

5: If two or more Users access ManagerLeague from the same computer / IP-Address, they are never allowed to interact with each other in terms of buying and selling players. This means you may not trade players with colleagues, family-members, classmates etc.

-If you and (lets say) your brother play this game, we have no problem with it (if you enter full details on your account) but because of security issues you are not allowed to trade of play friendlies with that account.
Don't worry, we have 20.000 other accounts for you to interact with

6: FS will do what they can to ensure a stable and entertaining service, but offers no guarantee in regards to downtime, technical problems etc.

-Again a legal notice that we offer no garantee on the uptime of the server (but i know its a matter of pride for our webmaster so i doubt it will be down often)

7: User gives FS the right to send important emails about the ML service to the User. Such emails can be regarding system changes, scheduled downtime, technical problems and important events, related directly to the ML website, services and affiliates.

-Here you give us permission to send you mails about changes to the game and other importent ML stuff

8: Manager acknowledges that any funds are non-refundable, in example, but not limited to, any purchased and unused credits.

-All sales are final and refunds are not given, this includes unused-credits (speaks for itself)

9: Any legal complaints will be settled in the Byretten in Oslo, Norway.

-If there are legal questions the local law of Byretten in Oslo applies, also any lawsuit will be held there (In reality almost every conflict can be settled by talking to us, we are reasonable )

10: By completeing this registration you accept this agreement, and understand that FS will close and delete any account which looks guilty of violating this agreement. This will be done without communication with the User.

-In this final part you are noticed that by completing the registration you agree to the rules in this agreement, these rules where provided when you completed it

11: Any account not used for a period of 2 months, can be deleted without warning. FS strives to ensure a live vibrant community and will purge inactive members on a regular basis.

-This part of the agreement gives us the right to delete inactive accounts from the game, it makes sure that you wont end up in a league with 10 inactive accounts, it takes the fun out if the game!!

This service is meant for pure entertainment, and entertainment only. FS hopes all Users will contribute to making ManagerLeague a fun, friendly and welcoming place to be.
-lets call this our mission statement, we are here to bring you fun, please have some

The rules can be found here and if we make changes to it, they will also be here, i suggest you bookmark it
there is also a privacy policy, but i wont go into that now or other admins might accuse me of talking to much

If you have been closed, you will receive an email with procedures on how to possibly get your team back. Swearing and insulting the admins is not the way to get your team back.

Submitted by Stambros on 2008, July 3 - 2:15am.