Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the international and national leagues ?
In the international league there are managers from all over the world, while in a national league only managers from a specific country is allowed. Not all countries are present in national leagues just yet, but as the game continues to grow more nations will come.

What are credits for, and how can I get them ?
Inside ManagerLeague, credits can be used in many ways. You need one to play a friendly on your home court, you need credits to create or join cups (unless they are free), and it requires 1 credit to send your team on a training camp, etc., etc. Each season you will get 15 credits for free, but if you want more of them they can be purchased safely inside the game by scrolling your mouse over the menu Options, then press Purchase credits, and continue from there.

How can I change credits to cash, and opposite ?
If you scroll your mouse over the menu Options, then press Preferences, you will find the options there, under Credit Exchange.

What time are matches played ?
Matches are played twice a day during the week, at 03:00 and 15:00 CEST. There are no regular matches during the weekend.

What time are training held ?
Trainings are held twice a day during the week, at 09:00 and 21.00 CEST. There are no regular trainings during the weekend.

When are training camps held, and how can I arrange one ?
Training camps are held at 18:00 CEST on 5 fixed occasions during the season. The first one is the first Sunday in a season, before the league-rounds have started. The next 3 camps are held on Sundays (round 10, 20 and 30), while the last camp is on a Wednesday (round 36). To have your team attend these camps, you need to book it by scrolling your mouse over the menu Team, then press Team training, and continue from there. The cost depends on what features you choose (500,000 – 2,500,000 $) , and also 1 credit will be charged. If you cancel the camp, your money and credit will be returned.

What are custom cups, and when do they get played ?
Custom cups are cups made by the players themselves. The creator decides what divisions can attend, how many teams it will be for etc., etc. The cost ($) are based on division, but all teams will be charged 2 credits to attend. These cups are played during the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. The draw will happen at 12:00 CEST, and from there matches are played every half hour.

What are there to be won in Custom cups ?
The winner of a cup will receive 50,000 $ for each team participating in the cup, plus 1 credit per 8 participating teams. The runner-up will be rewarded 25,000 $ per participating team. Also, your team gains experience and skills by playing cups.

What are official cups, and when do they get played ?
Official cups are cups offered to you by ML headquarters. At the moment the cups we offer are League cup and department cups, but in the future we will probably see other cups like Champions league and UEFA cup. Your team are automatically placed in these cups, and you will get a ML-mail stating your first match in these cups are coming up soon. There is no cost ($) to attend. Division 1-4 will attend the League cup, while lower divisions is playing Department cups.

What are there to be won in Official cups ?
The winner of the League cup will receive 5,000,000 $ and 10 credits, while the winners of each Department cup will be rewarded 1,000,000 $ and 2 credits. The runner-ups will be rewarded 2,500,000 and 500,000 $ (LC and DC respectively).

How does playoff work ?
These matches are played in round 31-33.
Teams that end up 2nd or 3rd in their league at the end of a season has to play promotion playoffs. First you will have to face the other manager at a promotion spot in your league, there after a manager in a department next to you, before you finally get to meet the manager of a team in the division above you that faces demotion for his team. All in all 3 matches. If you manages to win them all, you will be promoted. If not, you will have to aim for promotion again next year.
Teams that end up at 11th or 12th place has to play demotion playoff. This is a single match (round 33), and it has to be won to avoid relegation. The match is played against a team from the division below you that is playing his 3rd promotion match, trying to promote on your expense.

How can I get in touch with other managers inside ML in a good way ?
The easiest way to meet managers is to go to our ML Chat. You can find it by scrolling your mouse over the menu General, then press ML Chat, and continue from there.

Player Bans - How do they work ?
Bans are based on the number of fouls a player receives. He will get banned when he has received 3-5-7-8-9-10 … fouls during a season. Yellow card counts as 1 foul, while red card counts as 2 fouls. If a player on your team get banned, he will not be able to play in the next league game. However, he can still play in both official and custom cups, as well as in friendlies.

Bidding on players - How does it work ?
When bidding on a player there is a 12 hour waiting period before the bid can be accepted by the selling team. This is to allow other managers to consider bidding on this player. During this period, you can not recall the bid, but the selling manager can reject it.

What player has what position on the field ?
To visualize this I will assume a 4-4-2 formation. No. 1 is off course the goalkeeper (dark blue color on the team selection page (tsp)). Thereafter, no. 2 will be left defender, no 3 and 4 middle defenders, and no. 5 right defender (green color on tsp). Same apply to the midfield, where no. 6 will be left midfielder, and no. 9 right midfielder (brown color on tsp). And finally, no. 10 will be left attacker and no. 11 right attacker.

Going on vacation. What to do ?
ManagerLeague has a mobile interface too. Point your phone to, and log in through WAP. There you should be able to do all the basic stuff you need to take care off. You might also just put the 1st team players on rest, and they should do just fine until you return.

My players have all lost stats and quality! What is going on?
Between every season, your players go on vacation, drink beer and eat lots of hamburgers. Due to this, they will lose attributes and quality which they will need to work hard to get back. It is a good idea to let your players try a couple of friendlies early in the season to try to win back some of those lost stats, before the serious league-matches begin.

Why does my Chairman disallow my bid on a player?
Your chairman tries to analyze your bid, and will refuse to allow a bid that looks like a bad call, in his opinion. Try to buy a better suited player and he will probably approve.

A player has personal reasons why he doesn't want to move to my club?
Yes, he may have his very own personal reasons. You should allow him to, he is a human being, and not just some numbers in a database…
Hint: Try to bid for a player at another team, that might help.

Whats does the red cross next to the player mean?
The red cross suggests he is either injured, or simply too tired to play at the moment. You are of course the one who decides, but he will perform very badly. You can make the player regain his fitness by putting his individual training to RESTING, which will heal the player, and remove his fatigue, although maybe not for a few league rounds.

I am bankrupt with 18 players and can't make enough money, What do I do?
To make more money, invite other teams to play friendlies, or join a cup. Try to adjust your ticket prices for more income, by ensuring a full stadium. You may also exchange credits for money by scrolling your mouse over the menu Options, then press Preferences, you will find the options there, under Credit Exchange. If your team is at minus 5.000.000 when a season is ended, your chairman will fire you! This means, game over for you and your team. You will lose your team, and will be forced to create a new one.

Can a player retire from my squad even though I only have 18 players?
Yes he may. But, luckily, when your Chairman notices that you drop below 18, he will try to get some cheap players automatically for you, so you will always have enough players to make a line-up.

What do I do if I notice cheating or suspicious things going on?
If this is regarding a suspicious bid, you just push the Report-button next to the bid. If it is on any other suspicious matter, you can reach the admins either by joining ML Chat (scrolling your mouse over the meny General, then press ML Chat), or simply by sending an ML-Mail to any of the managers marked as Admin in the forums.

Why can't I set the ticket price over £50 ?
Ticket prices are set the way they are at the moment for balancing issues. It is unlikely that they will be significantly increased.

My players wages have suddenly increased dramatically. What`s happening?
There are things that can affect a players wages. If he improves in skill (Q), his wage will rise, the same thing happens if you move up a division.

What is the maximum seating for stadiums?
The current MAX is 70.000 seats.

My morale is constantly dropping, or suddenly drops to 50. What`s happening?
If you begin to lose matches, your morale will begin to decrease as your players become disillusioned. At the beginning of each season, a teams morale is automatically set to 50 for a new fresh start.

My training skills appear to be gradually lowering. Why Is This?
First of all, stats decrease a bit between seasons (vacation, no training, beer drinking etc.). Furthermore, when training, it is possible to miss-train a stat, and so decrease it in stead of increasing it. This is quite rare though and it takes a streak of bad luck to even notice it.

I'm bankrupt, What happens now?
If your team is at minus 5.000.000 when a season is ended, your chairman will fire you! This means game over for you and your team. You will then have to sign up for ManagerLeague again, and start with another team. To make more money, sell players or invite other teams to play friendlies. You may also exchange credits for money by scrolling your mouse over the menu Options, then press Preferences, you will find the options there, under Credit Exchange.

Does a starter get as much experience as a substitute?
To gain experience from matches, a player must play more than 15 minutes, regardless of whether he is a starter or a substitute player.

Does my team play worse if my team is full of young players?
Teams full of 17 year olds will suffer a minor penalty in matches since they lack coordination. If your team has an average age below 24, your team will suffer a performance penalty in matches, teams with an average age over 24 will gain a minor advantage, the greater the difference in age, the greater the penalty or bonus.

Does my team play worse if my team is full of young players?
Teams full of 17 year olds will suffer a minor penalty in matches since they lack coordination. If your team has an average age below 24, your team will suffer a performance penalty in matches, teams with an average age over 24 will gain a minor advantage, the greater the difference in age, the greater the penalty or bonus.

What is estimated taxes ?
This is the amount of money that you will have to pay in tax at the end of the season, if your money turnover stays the same as it is now. The amount changes as you play, and is calculated from your current seasonal profit. See next question for details.

How is the ladder of tax-deduction on my profit during a season ?
The tax-deduction is based on the following ladder:
0-2.000.000 $ : This amount is taxed 0%
2.000.001 - 5.000.000 $ : This amount is taxed 10%
5.000.001 -10.000.000 $ : This amount is taxed 20%
10.000.001-20.000.000 $ : This amount is taxed 30%
20.000.001-50.000.000 $ : This amount is taxed 40%
50.000.001 and upwards $ : This amount is taxed 50%

What are staff, and what do they do ?
Currently we have 7 types of staff here at ManagerLeague. They will help you improve your players, and take care of your stadium.
Coach (Gk) - Will help goalkeepers with their training
Coach (Def) - Will help defenders with their training
Coach (Mid) - Will help midfielders with their training
Coach (Att) - Will help attackers with their training
Caretaker - Will help slow down the rate of stadium-decay from wear and tear. The Caretaker can prove to be the most useful staff member because no one wants to lose a 12 million dollar stadium upgrade. I suggest that you buy atleast a midrange staff in this class.
Physio - Will help prevent injuries from training
Scout - Can assist you in your search for new players, but only once per season. The scout works buy removing the low potential players for the transfer list when you choose to use him.

Do I need the best available staff if I am in a low division ?
Hireing staff can have a major impact on your finances. It is not recommended to start with 7 Excellent members of staff unless your team is very wealthy.
The members of your staff come in 6 different qualities: Poor, Average, Decent, Good, Very good and Excellent. The better the quality, the higher the salary. Also, the higher your division, the higher the required salary is.
You can sack staff, but you have to pay them a fair amount depending on how much time is left according to their contract. You will also be given the option to renew their contracts when there is less than 10 rounds remaining of the existing contract.
New staff is made available after every training.
Your staff is paid per round, all rounds from 1 to 33.

The youths I get every season is always the same position. Why is this ?
This is not the case, over a period of several seasons, you will get different positioned youths.

Why did I get a worse Q youth this season than the season before ?
There are a wide range of Q your youths can have. If you get a high Q youth, you are lucky. However, there are lowest possible Q, based on how big your youth academy are, and what division you are in (see next question for details ).

Youth academy. What is the benefit ?
For each new upgrade on your youth academy, the lowest possible Q your new youth can have is increased by 1 Q. However, this is also based on division.

Here is the list:

Division 1:
Basic grounds: Q68 ->
Normal grounds: Q69 ->
Improved grounds: Q70 ->
Fully equipped: Q71 ->
Top notch: Q72 ->

Then adjust these number by subtracting 1 per division you are lower than the 1st.

What tactics is the best to use ?
If you ask 100 people this question you will get at least 100 different answers. What tactics you should use has to be based on your players qualities, and what tactics you believe your opponent will use against you. Consult the guides called Getting Started in this manual.

Teamless players. When does the new once arrive on the transfer list ?
New teamless players is put on the transferlist randomly during the season. They can vary from 17-20 years old, and have various qualities.

Decay. When to repair it ?
If you ignore your stadium decay for too long you will loose a stadium upgrade. If you are really unlucky, this will be 5000 seatings. Therefore, it will pay off to repair the decay up front, and the cheapest way is to pay it quite often.

Training camps. How do they work?
You have to book your training camps under Teamtraining. The better accommodation, the more fit your players regain. If you go abroad, your team moral will probably increase. And if you do a hard camp, you will probably gain more stats than if you only do a leisure one.

VIP boxes. When to buy those ?
The VIPs will only visit your stadium if you are in one of the top 3 divisions, so there is no need for VIP boxes at your stadium before you promote into one of those.

What is Omen Gaming Transfer Tool ?
It is an addition to the game, where you can sell or buy players. Also, they have their own community, where you can join the ML division.

How can I delete my team ?
You cant. You will have to ask an admin, or take it through the support system.

Can I rename my players ?
Yes, you can. Just click on the player, and you will find the Rename-button on the players personal page.

Can I upload a picture of my player ?
Yes, you can. Just click on the player, and you will find the Upload picture-button on the players personal page.

Does it matter what coach I hire, as long as he is the right quality ?
No, it doesn’t. They will all do the same good job for you.

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