For those of us who are lucky or unlucky enough to have the chance to play in playoffs will need to know exactly how the playoffs actually work. First of all there are two types of playoffs that are vastly different from each other.

1. Promotion Playoffs
Teams who finish 2nd or 3rd in their department will receive the chance to enter the playoffs and try to promote. Promotion playoffs start out with the 2nd and 3rd place teams from the same department playing against each other in a single match.So for instance if the 2nd and 3rd place teams from division 3, department 1 would play each other in round 31. The victorious team would then play the victorious team from his departments paired department. In this case it would be the victor from 3/1 playing the victor from 3/2. These two teams will play a single match in round 32 and the victor from his match would reach the final leg of his bid to promote. The winner would now receive his chance at promotion by playing the team that ranked either 11th or 12th in the division above. So the victor from the 3/1 and 3/2 playoff would play the 11th place team in 2/1 while the victor from 3/3 and 3/4 would play the the 12th place team from 2/1. If the division 3 team were to win, then that team would swap positions with the division 2 team in the next season. At any given point if a team was to lose, then they would automatically be eliminated from the playoffs.

2. Relegation Playoffs
The only teams that are able to play in demotion playoffs are the teams that finished 11th or 12th in the department. Teams playing in demotion playoffs only play a single match in round 33 against the team from a lower division, the opponent will first have to play through the first 2 rounds of promotion playoffs before they can try to promote. If the team in demotion playoffs loses, they will swap places with the opposing team in the next season.

-Teams in division 1 do not play promotion playoffs
-Teams in division 6 do not play demotion playoffs
- Home field advantage is turned off during playoffs
- All playoffs are played at a random stadium, being 2nd rank does not guarantee that the game will be at your stadium
- All money from the match are divided between the two teams equally

Submitted by Spinner on 2008, February 14 - 12:01am.